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Horrendous Soup Lesson Plan

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Horrendous Soup


Grade level: 4


Horrendous Soup allows students to practice converting units of measurement within the metric system.

Common Core Standards:

This lesson will reinforce Common Core Standard CCSS.Math.Content.4.MD.A.1.
A description of this standard can be found here.

Warm-Up Activity:

Ode to the Grinch

To get the students into a horrendous mood, teacher reminds them of what an unsavory character the Grinch is. This video may serve as a reminder.

Teacher asks students to draw the Grinch, representing his horrendous attributes in metric units. (Teacher may choose to have students work individually or in small groups.) For example, his heart is 7 mm in diameter. You can smell his stench from 1,626 m away. Students present their drawings to the class.

Main Activity:

Students should watch the instructional video before playing Horrendous Soup on classroom computers or iPads. Students print their recipes and present them to their peers. Students may vote for the most horrendous soup.

Assessment Activity: Animal Hospital

After eating the horrendous soup, everyone is sick with all sorts of ailments. Students bring pets (stuffed animals or imaginary) to the hospital. Students take turns playing the roles of animal guardians, nurses, doctors, and pharmacists.
First, the guardian accompanies the animal to the triage station, where the nurse assesses the animal’s height in meters and weight in kilograms. Students may actually measure stuffed animals, or they might estimate the height and weight of a particular species in real life. Perhaps Taco the Tapir weighs 840 kg, and Echo the Bat weighs 35 g.
Then the guardian brings the animal’s medical chart to the doctor and describes the complaint. The doctor writes a prescription, specifying ingredients in grams and/or liters. If Sunshine the Marmoset has a cold, the doctor may prescribe her 50 mL of tea with 5 mL of lemon juice and 3 mL of honey. If Thor the Elephant has indigestion, the doctor may prescribe 20 L of ginger ale and 475 g of Tums. Then the guardian brings the animal’s chart to the pharmacist, who must convert the measurements appropriately to fill the prescription. For example, the pharmacist may give 0.475 kg of Tums to Thor.
Repeat until each student has had the opportunity to play several roles.

Assessment Activity: Delicious Soup

Make Metric Conversions to make your own Horrendous Soup