Grade 6 – 7 Enrichment

Please note we have literally hundreds of more activities for students in these grade levels. These are just some of our featured activities. Visit the subject links to choose more.


Buy all of the world’s most famous landmarks using currency conversion
Visit a probability fair and play any of five different probability games. Save your tickets!
Kids will LOVE this probability game based on the classic game show.
How well do you know the locations of the nations of the world?

Coast to Coast


Can you complete a cross-country road trip using your U.S.A. geography skills? Very challenging.
How well can you order events in American or World history?

Order Ops

Bacterial Invasion

Who has ever heard of a fun order of operations game?
How well do you know the human body?


How many theme-based words can you unscramble?
100 Most misspelled words in English Language

Make your OWN interactive MAPS

Awesome resource that combines art with state landmarks. Make a printable collage of the United States where each state shows a special feature, landmark, or attraction.
Make black and white outline MAPS come alive and communicate!

Periodic Table

How well do you know the Animal and Plant Kingdom? VERY CHALLENGING, but you can save your games
Learn everything there is to know about the periodic table.