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U.S. Government for Kids


The United States and Government exhibit is one of the most comprehensive for kids on the entire internet.


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United States Government and Constitution


Click on the image below to learn about the United States Government


United States Government Interactive

This page provides an interactive map of the structure of the United States Government (see above) and detailed pages describing the functions of each section and sub-section of the government.


The Constitution Interactive

This section includes an interactive constitution with detailed explanations and "translations" of all articles and amendments.


Framers of the Constitution and Government

This section (soon) provides full kid-friendly biographies of all of America’s first ladies.

Aaron Burr

Presidents of the United States

This section is one of the most comprehensive exhibits on United States Presidents for kids on the internet. It includes biographies of all Presidents, Vice Presidents, and First Ladies. Access dozens of printable and online presidential activities as well

Aaron Burr

Vice Presidents of the United States

Part of the Presidential series, this section includes biographies of all 47 Vice Presidents

Aaron Burr

Constitutional Convention and the Birth of the Constitution

This section (soon) provides full kid-friendly biographies on all of America’s vice-presidents.

13 Colonies History

Constitution and Government Printable Activities

This section provides printable activities relevant to the United States Government and Constitution. These are fun, thought-provoking, and full of role-play and critical thinking activities


Constitution and Government Online Activities

These are interactive, online activities relevant to the United States Government and Constitution.


Famous Supreme Court Cases

Learn all about Supreme Court cases that have shaped the history of the United States.