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Garage Sale Wizard Lesson

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Grade level:



Students will demonstrate knowledge of the values of US coins and use addition to represent prices using coins.

Common Core Standards:

This lesson reinforces standard CCSS.Math.Content.2.MD.C.8 for grade 2.
Descriptions of the standards can be found here.

Warm-up Activity:

Teacher shows students coins from various countries and time periods.  These videos show a variety of coins.

Teacher tells students to imagine that the U.S. government wants to introduce new coins in addition to the ones we have now and asks students to design them.  How much will they be worth?  (It might be worth a half penny, sixpence, 20 cents, 99 cents, etc.)  What would each face of the coin look like? What would they be called? Print out worksheet here

Main Activity:

Students should watch the instructional video before playing Garage Sale Wizard on classroom computers or iPads.

Assessment Activity:

Students should complete the Attached Garage Sale Wizard Worksheet in which they practice identifying the largest sum of money from three different sums.


Garage Sale Wizard Worksheet (
Garage Sale Wizard Worksheet 2 (