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Fun, Free Fractions Games

Welcome to the Fractions Games Library. These games provide fun interactive practice on many addition skills covered in the Common Core Standards. Some of these games also reinforce subtraction.

Featured Game: Sand Dollar Exchange (identifying fractions)


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Sand Dollar Exchange

In Sand Dollar Exchange, you play the role of a ocean crab who must pick up the sand dollars and fractions of sand dollars and drop them on the clam shell with the correct label. If you finish the game, you can visit the Sand Dollar Exchange and “buy” one of three different certificates.

Sushi Fractions | Play on iPad or Tablet

In Sushi Fractions, learners use their fraction “drawing” skills to make sushi to their customers’ specifications. The object is to ensure all eight customers leave as happy customers! Users must use the line tool to create fractions from the sushi. The system will compare drawings with the correct fraction divisions and will return an accuracy score.

Fraction America | Play on iPad or Tablet

Turn the United States ablaze in color, then determine what fraction of the states are each color. Choose from 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 fractions. Print out a beautiful map with all of the correct fractions when you are finished.

Tony Fraction’s Pizza Shop | Play on iPad or Tablet

Tony Fraction’s Pizza Shop is an exciting game reinforcing equivalent fractions. Users play the role of a pizza shop owner who must fill the strange fractional orders of his customers. See how many pizzas you can sell in five minutes?

Fraction Dolphins

Fraction Dolphins is a fun game in which users get to feed dolphins. Look at the fraction on the bucket of fish and feed the dolphin with the bib that has the equivalent fraction.

Death to Decimals | Play on iPad or Tablet

Users play the role of "Fraction Man," a math super hero who must save the world from being overrun by decimals by converting them into friendly fractions.

Sal’s Sub Shop | Play on iPad or Tablet

You have three minutes to fulfill eight customer orders. Some patrons might order their subs in metric units of length, while others might order their subs in standard units. Don’t worry Sal, you have precision rulers that can take care of both kinds of orders. The question is…can you use those rulers when a customer orders a sub 5 and 10/16 inches?

Clara Fraction’s Ice Cream Shop | Play on iPad or Tablet

In Clara Fraction’s Ice Cream Shop, users play the role of an ice cream shop owner who must fill his customers bizarre orders. Customer order scoops of ice cream in improper fractions. Users must convert improper fractions to mixed numbers to fill orders. Fill as many orders as possible in five minutes.