Free, Fun Estimation Games for Kids

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Maximum Capactiy | Play on Your iPad or Tablet (free/no downloads necessary)

Maximum Capacity reinforces addition estimation and addition by hundreds and tens. This highly entertaining game requires users to employ their estimation skills by putting as many gorillas (all different weights) into the elevator as possible without exceeding the elevator’s constantly changing weight capacity.

Home Run Derby Math | Play on Your iPad or Tablet (free) Use your advanced addition, subtraction, or mutliplication estimation skills to blast tape-measure home runs.

Food Fight

Use your intermediate addition estimation skills to defeat other schools participating on the National Elementary School Food Fighting Championship. Look at the addition equations that appear and drag the five you think have the highest sums to your teammates’ t-shirts.

Estimation Valley Golf | Play on Your iPad or Tablet (free/no downloads necessary)

Use your addition, subtraction, and even multiplication estimation skills to play golf. The closer your estimation is to the actual answer, the closer your ball lands to the hole. Be careful, though, for estimations that are way off target, your ball will go nowhere!

Anti-homework Elementary

Take away the ability for your teachers to assign hours and hours of dreaded homework by using your angle measure estimation skills to blow-up stacks of homework with your special anti-homework (harmless to humans) grenades.

Burnside’s Billions

You have been chosen by your distant great uncle, Montague Burnside, to receive his fortune of ten billion dollars! For the purposes of continuing his international reputation and legacy, and to make his “mark” for generations to come, Mr. Burnside has specified that his fortune must be spent purchasing all of 27 of the world’s most famous landmarks. He expects you to use your math skills, knowledge of conversion rates and international currency, and your knack for buying and selling at the right times, to complete this mission in forty days. It will not be easy, but rest assured you can save your game and come back to it at any time.

How does it work?

In Burnside’s Billions, users have to buy and sell world landmarks. Burnside’s fortune is in US Dollars, but users have to use conversion rates to choose the correct amount of money to offer for the landmark in the currency of the nation the chosen landmark is located in. For example, if a user chooses to buy Big Ben, the amount to pay is listed in British Pounds. The user can check the current conversion rate from the “rates” menu and estimate the amount of money the landmark costs in U.S. Dollars. The user is given five choices, one of which is the correct converted amount. (see below)