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Daniel Morgan Biography for Kids

Daniel Morgan was born on July 6, 1736, in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Morgan was an American pioneer, Virginia statesman, colonial rifleman, and Revolutionary War hero.

Captain Morgan is best known however for his courage and skill as a leader and soldier on the battlefield of the Revolutionary war. In 1775, Morgan led an elite group of Virginia riflemen called “Morgan’s Riflemen” against the British army on the successful Siege of Boston. Later that same year, Morgan was asked to assist Benedict Arnold in the invasion of Canada because of success at the Siege of Boston.

In 1777, George Washington promoted Morgan to a Colonel due to his excellent ability to led colonial riflemen on the battlefield of war. Later in 1777, Colonel Morgan was put in command of more troops during the battles at Saratoga: Freeman’s Farm and Bemis Heights. In 1780 because of his many successes in the war, Colonel Morgan was promoted to the military post of brigadier general. Morgan is best known for his masterful tactics at the Battle of Cowpens in South Carolina in January of 1781. During the battle, Morgan’s strategy successfully coaxed British forces under Banastre Tarleton to charge prematurely. As British forces charged, they ran straight into a Patriot ambush, resulting in 940 British casualties and the capture of British supplies and equipment. The British defeat at Cowpens was a major blow to the British hopes of securing the southern colonies.

At the age of 46, Daniel Morgan resigned from the Continental Army and returned home to Charles Town, Virginia. Following his retirement from the army, Morgan ran and was elected to the Virginia House of Representatives. Morgan then served as a United States Representative for the state of Virginia from 1797-1799. After serving his country for many years, Daniel Morgan later died in his daughter’s home on his 66th birthday in 1802. Morgan will always be remembered as an American Revolutionary War hero for his courage both on and off the battlefield.