Grade levels 

Cloze Reading

In Cloze Reading exercises, users have to fill in the blanks in the passage with the correct words from the word bank.

Cloze Reading Passages

Grades 2 and up Grades 3 and up Grades 4 and up
Africa Africa Amelia Earhart
Butterflies Age of Exploration Asia
Europe American Revolution Great Wall of China
Habitats Asia Stonehenge
Insects Benjamin Franklin French and Indian War
South America Christopher Columbus Italy
Mammals Civil War South America
Rainforests George Washington Biomes
United States Grand Canyon War of 1812
Biomes Great Barrier Reef Hank Aaron
Egyptian Pyramids Larry Bird
Insects Michael Jordan
Ponce de Leon Gettysburg Address
Mexico Babe Ruth
Thomas Jefferson Jackie Robinson
Washington D.C. Constitution
Penguins Pirates
Sharks U.S. Government
Tepees Castles
Longhouses Planet Earth
France Saturn
Lewis and Clark Abraham Lincoln



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