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Virtual Butterfly Garden – A Fun Butterfly Game

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Age Level Appropriateness
6 – 9
Butterfly Fun

Neurons Opportunity

Send me a screen shot that you caught all butterflies in under 70 seconds and I will add 50 Neurons to your account and add you to the Butterfly Gardener Hall-of-Fame


Text Instructions


  • Step 1.) Click “start game”.
  • Step 2.) Enter how many butterflies you want to color (between 1-9).
  • Step 3.) Color the butterflies in by clicking on the desired color in the color palette and then in the desired section of the butterfly. You can name the butterflies by typing in a name in the blue fields below the butterflies.
  • Step 4.) Click on a habitat you would like to release the butterflies in.
  • Step 5.) Click “release”.
  • Step 6.) Catch the butterflies by clicking on them with the magnifying glass. Try to catch all butterflies in the shortest amount of time possible. A check mark will appear next to the names of the butterflies that have been caught.