BMF (Best Math Friends)

It’s not Facebook, It’s not MySpace, it’s BMF, Best Math Friends. Friend as many current celebrities and historical figures as you can by answering their word problems. See if you can friend all 50! Be careful though, if you answer too many problems incorrectly the game will end. Simply click “correct” if the word problem and answer given by the celebrity or historical figure is correct, and “incorrect” if it is not correct.
Meet the “friends”

Abraham Lincoln

16th President of the United States who led the nation through the Civil War. He wrote famous speeches such as the Gettysburg Address and freed the slaves in the middle of the by issuing the Emancipation Proclamation. Lincoln is one of the most beloved figures in American history. He was the first president to be assassinated in 1865.

Amelia Earhart

Famous pilot who set several flight records for female pilots. During her time, Amelia was an important celebrity who reportedly took First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt for fights over Washington D.C. She disappeared forever over the Pacific Ocean in 1937 after attempting to fly around the world. No one knows what happened to her.

Susan B. Anthony

Famous activist who fought for women