Mountain Bluebird – State Bird of Idaho and Nevada

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The beautiful male Mountain Bluebird is vivid, sky-blue with a lighter breast and white abdomen. The female is grayer with splashes of sky blue. Mountain Bluebirds measure about seven inches in length and have long, swallow-like wings; giving them a graceful appearance in flight.

The Mountain Bluebird nests in natural tree cavities, or, in man-made nest boxes. Females lay 4-8 pale blue eggs.


Mountain Bluebirds feed on insects. They often hunt from conspicuous perches and drop to the ground to catch prey. Mountain Bluebirds occasionally dart out from branches and catch insects in mid-air.


The Mountain Bluebird breeds throughout much of western North America from central Alaska south to southern New Mexico. They occur east to the western fringes of the Dakotas. In winter, the Mountain Bluebird may range east to Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Mountain Bluebirds prefer open woodlands and alpine meadows with small groves of trees and shrubs.

The Mountain Bluebird is common and populations are stable.