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Around the World Lesson Plan

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The Around the World game will help students review and practice multiplication fact fluency skills.  Students will be able to demonstrate fluency with multiplication facts, through the use of this interactive game. The Around the World game can be used a quick review or as a way to help students in 4th and 5th grade that have not mastered their facts or to increase a student’s multiplication fact fluency.

Common Core Standards:

3.OA.1 – Properties of Multiplication
4.OA.1 – Properties of Multiplication
5.NBT.5 *This activity will also serve as a quick review of multiplication facts prior to working on a 5th Grade math objective like this one. * Multiplying 2-by 2-digit Numbers or 2-by 3-Digit Numbers

Warm-Up Activity #1:

Classic Around the World. Clear out a large space in the classroom or find a large space where the entire class can sit in a circle.  Choose one student to start and to stand behind another student. Show a single multiplication flash card. Whichever student answers if first, and correctly, moves on to face the next seated student and earns a point. See which student can earn the  most points.

Another suggestion for a warm-up activity is to actually play the Around the World game as a class using an interactive white board prior to letting students work independently on their own individual computers playing the game.

Warm-Up Activity #2:

Another warm-up activity can either be done whole group or independently on their own computers. Begin the lesson with the “Multiplication Flash Cards 1-12” drill located at the following link - you are completing this activity using a projector or interactive white board, you can call on different students to answer or you could use individual student dry erase boards for whole group practice.

Main Activity:

Now that you have warmed up with practice multiplication facts as a quick review you are ready to play the game Around the World with your class. Students should watch the instructional video at before playing on their iPads or computers. This can be a fun interactive game as a whole group or at individual computers in a school’s computer lab. You could also rotate your students through a set of 3-5 classroom computers, during math rotations as well.


Use a paper pencil timed Multiplication Fact Sheet 1-12, after your students have had time to play the Around the World game to assess their individual multiplication fact fluency. You could even try a pre-test prior to playing the game and then a post-test afterwards to see if students improved their number completed correctly in a specific amount of time. Print out the sheet at the url below:


Printable Assessment Sheet (

Around the World Video