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Secret Builders


Before you visit the Builders Virtual World, please note:

  • is an affiliate of The sites are in no way related otherwise
  • When you log in to the virtual world, you are logging into has provided me with a code to embed the virtual world in one of my pages, but the virtual world is hosted on When playing in the virtual world, you are no longer on the website.
  • All inquiries, concerns and subscription questions should be directed to does not have access to any information you may have used to sign up or to purchase a subscription.
  • While is a safe place for kids, I have received word of some inappropriate interactions that have occurred. To reduce such interactions, DO NOT accept “like” requests from those you don’t know.
  • Bullying or harrassment is not tolerated. Violators will have their accounts canceled.
  • is NOT responsible for what occurs on the website.

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