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Around the World

Around the World is a computer-adapted version of the clasic classroom game – Around the World. In this version, the user competes against kids from all over the world in a game of multiplication flash cards. Be careful, some of the kids in the classroom are faster than others! If you can go “Around the World,” you will receive a special certificate at the end of the game.


Piggy Bankers

Practice your coin and money counting skills in Piggy Bankers! Catch coins and currency falling from the sky to try to reach your target savings amount! Use the arrows to move your piggy banker. Be careful, if you collect more than your target, the game is over. Be on the lookout for spinning tokens. If you can catch a spinning token, you’ll have the opportunity to enter the amount of money needed to reach your target.


Torture the Teacher

Torture your teachers by clicking on the INCORRECT spellings of the words that appear on the chalkboard! Try your hardest to make Mrs. Applecrab, Mrs. Cornpop, and Mr. Nussbaum resign by frustrating them so much with your poor spelling skills! It’s you versus the teachers! You will have the opportunity to make three teachers resign! Be careful though, it gets harder as you move from classroom to classroom as the teachers in later rounds have incredible patience!



Mathepillar is an outrageously fun game in which players have to order falling numbers on a number line by positioning their caterpillar in the correct place to catch the numbers. There are four stages to the game, and each stage presents a slightly more complicated number line or pattern. If a player can pass all four stages, he or she can print out one of six limited edition butterfly certificates, each featuring a different species of butterfly. Try to collect all six!


Sweet 16 Word Madness

 Do you like the NCAA Basketball Tournament, commonly referred to as "March Madness?" If so, this game is for you. First choose your team. Then, use your word recognition and spelling skills to click on the basketball that completes the word at the top of the page. Choose correctly and you’ll hit a basket or three-pointer, choose incorrectly or too slowly and your opponent will score. Be careful, though, each round gets progressively tougher. You will have to be an expert in word completion to win the National Championship.


Cash Out

You’re the cashier at this crazy store. You need to give change to the customers buying things. Try to sell as many items as possible before the time runs out. First select game play options, then read the word problem and find out how much money you owe. Click on the coins and bills to make the correct change. For example, if you owe the customer $0.77, click on the quarter three times and click on the penny two times.



How well can you tell time? Choose from four different time-telling skill levels and move the hands of the clock to their correct places as indicated by the times that flash on the screen. Click the hour button to move the hour hand and the minute button to move the minute hand. You have two minutes to set as many clocks as possible. This app is aligned to numerous Common Core Curriculum Math Standards for students in grades 2, 3, and 4.


Bedtime Bandits

Postpone your bedtime as late as possible by using your time-telling skills to blast sleep-inducing clocks falling from the ceiling. Be careful; each round requires more difficult time-telling skills. Prove you can tell time by the hour, half-hour, quarter-hour, five-minute interval, one-minute interval, and even the dreaded elapsed time.


In Mathemorphosis, kids have to use their basic addition or subtraction skills to help their "mathepillar" turn into a beautiful butterfly. Simply touch the correct answer for each addition and subtraction problem and watch your mathepillar start out as an egg, hatch into a "mathepillar," form a chrysalis, and eventually emerge as a beautiful butterfly.

Recommended for ages 4-6

Skills reinforced: 
Basic addition to 9
Basic subtraction to 9
Caterpillar/Butterfly Life Cycle



Everglades Spelling

Use your spelling and word recognition skills to win an exciting race through the Florida Everglades with the marine animal of your choice: Turtle, Sting Ray, Manatee, or Alligator. Everglades Spelling features seven rounds and is perfect for kids ages 7 – 11.



Sea Horse Chronicles
Practice your counting and number ordering skills by "eating" the number bubbles in their correct numerical order. Each round, the sea horse will shoot out ten number bubbles. If you eat all ten correctly, you will be able to choose one of nine different sea creatures to join you in the next round. Try to order all numbers correctly between 1-100 and earn a gold medal!

Skill reinforced:
Numerical Order
Numbers between 1-100
Numbers between tens

Recommended ages:



Calendar Clowns
Can you navigate your way around a calendar? If you think so, don’t hesitate to partner up with any one of our three calendar clowns and win your gold medal. Simply click on the days of the calendar that fulfill the questions at the top of the screen. Each question will require you to calculate a specific date. For example, “a week from the 25th.” Each day of the calendar is an answer to a question. Try to get all 31 days correct in the fastest time possible.

Skills covered:
Mental Addition
Mental Subtraction
Navigating a Calendar
Calendar Vocabulary



Alpha Baby Races
How well do you know your alphabet? Choose and name your baby and then race to the finish line by dragging and dropping the correct letter block to the question mark block in alphabetical order. Be careful! The wrong letter block will slow you down and sometimes cause tantrums. Defeat all of the other babies and earn your golden pacifier!

Skills covered:
*Letter Recognition
*Alphabet sequence (when string does not start with A)
*Alphabet patterns
*Critical Thinking



Crossing Math Canyon

For hundreds of years, the famous but elusive Golden Medallion of Math Canyon has proved unreachable and deadly for dozens of brave explorers who have tried crossing the invisible bridge for the purposes of obtaining it. Now, it is your turn. The Bridge that crosses Math Canyon will form plank by plank as you step on the correct planks. Red Hawk, an ancient Pueblo warrior, will guide you along the way. First, step on planks that are multiples of two (use your counting by two skills). Then, all multiples of three, four, five, and so on until you complete multiples of nine. Then, and only then, can you uncover the long lost golden medallion of Math Canyon. Be careful, however, stepping on the wrong plank will send you plummeting in the river below.

Skills covered:
* Counting by 2
* Counting by 3
* Counting by 4
* Counting by 5
* Counting by 6
* Counting by 7
* Counting by 8
* Counting by 9
* Skip-counting
* Multiples
* Comparing Numbers
* Number Sense
* Multiplication Foundation