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American Revolution Printables

Policy on using printable reading comprehension sheets

Teachers and Parents: Teachers, these sheets can be printed for use in your classrooms, or, as homework. All other uses require prior permission. Please e-mail me if you should have questions. Use of these sheets requires the logo to remain intact.

Reading Comprehension (generally grades 4 + )
Scavenger Hunts (grades 4 +)
Other Classroom Printables (lesson plan extras)
Benedict Arnold
Benjamin Franklin
Boston Massacre
Boston Tea Party
Declaration of Indpendence
Fort Ticonderoga
George Washington
James Madison
John Hancock
Thomas Jefferson
Lexington and Concord
Disaster in New York
Thomas Paine (Common Sense)
Battle of Trenton
Winter at Valley Forge
Siege at Yorktown
American Revolution Navigation
American Revolution Home
American Revolution Timeline
Causes and Effects
People of the American Revolution
13 Colonies
Revolution Clip Art and Images
American Revolution Activities
Revolutionary Flags
Revolutionary War Printables
Make your own Revolutionary War Map