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These are interactive math drill activities that reinforce addition in first, second, third, fourth, and fifth grades


Welcome to the Drill Library. These drills are designed to provide interactive reinforcement for each of the Common Core Standards and sub-standards for grades 1-5. Blocks are color-coded below to indicate grade level.

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
  1. Basic Addition Word Problems (1.OA.1)
  2. Basic Addition Word Problems with Three Numbers (1.OA.2)
  3. Adding Three Numbers (1.OA.3)
  4. Related Facts in Addition (1.OA.3)
  5. Basic Fact Families (1.OA.3)
  6. Missing Addend (1.OA.4; 1.OA.8)
  7. Adding Doubles (1.OA.6)
  8. Adding Numbers + 1 flash cards (1.OA.6)
  9. Adding Numbers + 2 drag n drop
  10. Adding Numbers + 2 flash cards
  11. Adding Numbers + 3 drag n drop
  12. Adding Numbers + 3 flash cards
  13. Adding Numbers + 4 drag n drop
  14. Adding Numbers + 4 flash cards
  15. Adding Numbers + 5 drag n drop
  16. Adding Numbers + 5 flash cards
  17. Adding Numbers + 6 drag n drop
  18. Adding Numbers + 6 flash cards
  19. Adding Numbers + 7 drag n drop
  20. Adding Numbers + 7 flash cards
  21. Adding Numbers + 8 drag n drop
  22. Adding Numbers + 8 flash cards
  23. Adding Numbers + 9 drag n drop
  24. Adding Numbers + 9 flash cards
  25. Adding Numbers + 10
  26. Adding Numbers + 1-10
  27. Which equation is true? (1.OA.7)
  28. Which equation is false? (1.OA.7)
  29. Adding a two-digit number and a one-digit number no regrouping (1.NBT.4)
  30. Adding a two-digit number and a one-digit number regrouping (1.NBT.4)
  31. Adding tens (1.NBT.4)
  32. Adding a number plus ten (1.NBT.5) (1.NBT.6)
  33. Adding a two-digit number plus a multiple of ten (1.NBT.5)
  34. Adding two-digit numbers with regrouping (3.NBT.2)
  35. Adding three-digit numbers (3.NBT.2)


  1. Word Problems involving basic addition and subtraction (2.OA.1)
  2. Adding two-digit numbers under 100 no regrouping (2.NBT. 5)
  3. Adding two-digit numbers under 100 regrouping (2.NBT.5)
  4. Adding three-digit numbers (2.NBT.7)
  5. Adding and subtracting tens and hundreds (2.NBT.8)
  6. Addition and subtraction word problem using measures of length (2.MD.5)


  1. Relating Multiplication and Addition (3.OA.1)
  2. Word Problems using Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division (3.OA.8)
  3. Multi-step Word Problems (3.OA.8)
  4. Estimating Sums to 100 (3.OA.8)
  5. Estimating Sums to 1000 (3.OA.8)
  6. Using Inequalities to Compare sums (3.OA.8)
  7. In/Out Chart (3.OA.9)


  1. Adding five and six-digit numbers (4.NBT.4)
  2. Addition word problems with five and six-digit numbers (4.NBT.4)
  3. Missing digit addition problems (4.NBT.4)
  4. Adding three numbers with five or six-digit numbers (4.NBT.4)
  5. Adding Fractions with like denominators (4.NF.2)
  6. Adding Multiple Fractions with Like Denominators (4.NF.3)
  7. Addition and Subtraction Fraction Equations (4.NF.3b)
  8. Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers with Like Denominators (4.NF.3c)
  9. Adding and Subtracting fractions with denominators of 10 and 100 (4.NF.5)
  10. Adding and subtracting time units (4.MD.2)


  1. Adding Decimals less than one (5.NBT.7)
  2. Adding Decimals to the tenth (5.NBT.7)
  3. Adding Decimals to the hundredths (5.NBT.7)
  4. Adding Decimals to the tenths and hundredths (5.NBT.7)
  5. Adding and Subtracting Decimal Word Problems (5.NBT.7)
  6. Adding Fractions with Unlike Denominators (5.NF.1)
  7. Adding Mixed Numbers with Unlike Denominators (5.NF.1)
  8. Fraction Interpretation Word Problems addition and subtraction (5.NF.2)
  9. Adding and Subtracting Decimal Word Problems – part 2 (5.NBT.7)