13 Colonies

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Clues across:

6. The name of this colony means “Penn’s Woods”.
8. This Massachusetts sea port was the site of America’s first public school and first university.
10. Virginia _____________ was the first English-born child in the New World.
13. This Carolina sea port was the cultural and economic center of the southern colonies.
14. New ____________________ was once known as the “Upper Province of Massachusetts”.

Clues down:

1. The Lord’s ____________________ were given the land that would become North and South Carolina by King Charles II.
2. Roger ____________________ founded the colony of Rhode Island in 1636.
3. This wa the first permanent English settlement in the New World.
4. The __________________ influence in the Massachusetts Bay Colony caused those seeking religious freedom to flee and form their own colonies.
5. Williamsburg, VA was originally known as ________________ Plantation.
7. John Rolfe introduced a new form of ___________________ which helped the Jamestown colony survive.
9. William _________________ founded Pennsylvania.
11. New York City was originally called New _____________________.
12. New York City was originally a ________________ settlement called New Amsterdam.