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13 Colonies History

1587 – First English colony is established at Roanoke Island, North Carolina. By 1590, the colony had mysteriously disappeared.

1607 – Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in the new world is founded by John Smith and the Virginia Company of London. READ MORE

1619 – The House of Burgesses, the first representative government in the New World is founded in Jamestown. READ MORE

1620 – The First Thanksgiving is held at Plymouth, Massachusetts. READ MORE

1626 - New Amsterdam, which would later become New York City, is founded. READ MORE

1636 – Roger Williams establishes the colony of Providence in order to practice a purer form of Christianity. Curiously, he welcomes settlers who practice other religions as well. READ MORE

1637 – Connecticut and Massachusetts militia massacre Pequot Indians near present-day Mystic. READ MORE

1675 – War between Puritan settlers and Wampanoag Indians under Metacom (King Philip) breaks out in Massachusetts in what came to be known as King Philip’s War. READ MORE

1692 – Hysteria in Salem, Massachusetts leads to the infamous Salem Witch Trials, in witch at least 25 “witches” are executed. READ MORE

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